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2023 Free Hotelier Bootcamp - Preno & Occupancy Accelerator

📣 A N N O U N C E M E N T  🥾

The Preno Hotelier Bootcamp starts Wednesday. Three expert Hotel management and marketing webinars over 3 weeks…

🤖 1. Harnessing the Power of Technology for Hotels, both to save you time and money. There's a lot of great automation tools out there and Preno's Head of Growth, Menilik Dyer, will share tips and showcase some tools to help you do it.

🚀 2. Hotel Website Optimisation to increase your direct bookings, with me. I'm going look at quick wins, things you can walk away from the webinar that day to help your website and also your direct bookings. Then I'm going to give you some other ideas when you've got a bit more time, these are the things you need to look into that will really move the dial on your website and converting more bookings. 

🚨Exciting NEWS🚨

We're also going to announce a special offer between myself and Preno, and the slick web building platform Rocketspark. We’ve created an all-in-one solution for small hotels and boutique stays. If you sign up for the webinars and attend my session you’ll be the first to know. Spots are very limited for our launch pricing.

💸 3. Hotel Pricing & Inventory Strategy. You need a pricing strategy to help your direct booking strategy. So if your prices aren't right, you'll lose bookings to OTAs. Often hotels are giving away a lot of value in their inventory. Come and learn some new pricing strategies to increase your revenue.

I highly recommend you sign up, attend what you can, watch the recordings, get the cliff notes via follow up emails.


we all want to save time 

and make more money. 


🙂See you there.

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