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Hotels target 100K ideal guests with Facebook ads manager

Yesterday in my client workshop👇

I was showing how you can build out your ideal customer

by stacking their

🦘 Location

👩🏻‍💼 Demographics

🏂 Interests & Hobbies



✈️ AND desire to travel

🎯 We keep drilling down and down

until we're speaking to less than 1% of the population

yesterday we went to 0.35%...

to target couples like the on this roof terrace.

But that's still 100K Aussies we matched to.

Facebook will always tell you to go broader

and make up for it with bigger budgets.

That's essentially boosting.

When you boost posts you don't get this level of sophistication,

Nor can you test 12 ads at once as we do!

It's easy to say Facebook is "too hard"

You're right

It's bloody HARD!

That's why we build your ideal customer for you.

Easy 😀

✅ I guarantee your ads could reach more of your ideal customer

for less money if you knew what I knew.

If you'd like me to look at your account and give you some tips...

DM me or comment: More For Less!

Damien "👍" Knowles

📸 mi-pad Queenstown