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Case Study | Hannah - Dunluce Boutique B&B

[ CLIENT WIN ] From heavily discounted room rates to selling high value experiences. 🙌 When I met Hannah she was “Struggling…I had tried lots of different things that weren’t working” But then she…

Created an Experience Led Offer™ - That leveraged her greatest asset, her location. We packaged up a simple offer that attracted her ideal guest.

Backed herself - “I always get nervous about saying somethings too good, but through your process we picked out the key selling points that aligned with our values and the experience we were selling”.

Built a Sales & Marketing Funnel - Working directly with me she targeted her Ideal Customer Perona through a series of highly engaging ads that included her irresistible offer.

As a result, Hannah sold an EXTRA one hundred room nights 

During a pandemic…

In fact she sold closer to 140 but


Covid prevented some from travelling. 

The question is👇

Are you ready to see the same game-changing results for your boutique hotel?

If so, message me “RESULTS” and let’s work on a plan for your business.

Final words from Hannah…

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
“I liked having some control over the process, being heard and the ability to go through it with him and see what we are actually doing, and making decisions along the way. I liked not being passed around person to person amongst departments in a bigger business.

He grasped anything that I was trying to say quickly – and came back with good ideas or suggestions

He was approachable, genuine and easy to contact.”

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